More than 30 years in railway industry.

Railway in Gargzdai was built in 1961, when the construction materials factory was in need to transport its production and raw materials. For a long time this railway functioned as a part of this factory, and only in 1979 it was separated as the new railway transport company.

Back at that time “Gargzdu gelezinkelis” wasn’t a private company. When it was separated from the factory, it was automatically uplinked with industrial governmental railway transport companies in Kaliningrad. The main customer of the railway still remained construction material factory. Railway was in charge for transportation of coal mine, limestone, anthracite and fertilizers.

In 1991, Gargzdai railway company was moved under the jurisdiction of government of Lithuania. Awhile later it was included to the list of companies for privatization and in 1993 had been privatized. The name of  private railway company was changed to JSC “Gargzdu gelezinkelis”.

Company’s capabilities to work fully were quite high, but market demand at this time was relatively low. The first stable incomes come from the oil transportation originally extracted in Lithuania. It was was transported by “Gargzdu gelezinkeliai” from Gargzdai  to Rimkai railway stations. This long-term contract gave a stable incomes and further development of services such as construction and repair of railroad, as well as repair of railway transport. In 1996, “Gargzdu gelezinkelis” moved to new premises. Since that time company is growing and continuously expanding its services capabilities.

Gamyklos g. 21, Gargždai

LT-96155 Gargždai

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